Mobile Solutions

Do you wish there was an app for that? Do your customers? Redpoint can turn your mobile dreams into reality.

It seems like only yesterday that alpha geeks were standing in line waiting for days hoping to get their hands on the original iPhone. In a few short years, smartphones have gone from gee-whiz novelties to must-have devices that keep us connected to the things that matter most. Add to the mix the iPad and Android and other tablet devices, and there is suddenly a huge, hungry market for always-available, life-enhancing applications.

Like any disruptive technology, mobile devices present, simultaneously, opportunities and challenges. There are opportunities to increase the reach of existing applications, and to reach your target market in new and exciting ways. Challenges are just as plentiful: Which specific devices should we target? Do we write native applications that harness the full capability of a specific device, or create cross-platform mobile web applications that sacrifice some usability, but can run on a variety of mobile devices?

Redpoint can help. We have extensive experience in conceiving, designing and building applications for mobile devices - including iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, Android phones and tablets, WP7 and BlackBerry phones. We are conversant with exciting open source technologies like MonoTouch, which makes iPhone and iPad development easily accessible to those with .NET development skills, and frameworks like PhoneGap that help build applications that can run on many different devices, without sacrificing native look and feel. Applications we have built for our clients range from simple, internal-use applications to large, complex applications available to the public.

One last word about mobile applications: in very few cases are they really complete applications. Most are device-specific "skins" that let users access data and features belonging to much older and larger applications. Redpoint's rich heritage in web and enterprise technologies gives us the background required to understand how to extend legacy applications to mobile platforms - with minimal effort, and with the engineer's eye toward reliability and responsiveness.

Redpoint can help your organization navigate the murky waters of mobile application development in many ways:

  • Mobile Strategy: What should my first application do? What is possible? What's been done already? What is my ultimate goal with mobile?
  • Market Strategy: What platform should I target first? Should I consider mobile web or cross-platform development, or go native?
  • Application Development: I know what I want - I just need someone to make it a reality
  • Enterprise Readiness Assessment: I want to extend my business applications to mobile devices. What do I need to do to prepare?