Redpoint Services Overview

At Redpoint, we don't try to be all things to all customers. We don't search through vast databases of independent and third party contractors to find someone who seems, superficially, to be a good match for a specific customer or project. We constantly work to find people who are bright, energetic, passionate about technology, and who genuinely derive personal satisfaction from solving problems on behalf of our clients. When we find these rare people, we hire them, and then ensure they acquire the knowledge and experience needed to be successful.

Given the dizzying array of project approaches, languages, technology platforms, frameworks, protocols and development practices that make up the modern software engineering landscape, no firm can claim to master everything. By focusing on a specific set of services, and delivering repeatedly and successfully in these areas, Redpoint has developed market-leading expertise in the areas where we do focus our talents and energies.

Our services are designed to be highly relevant in today's marketplace, but more importantly, they are areas of specialty that we can - and do - leverage to make a difference in the lives of our clients. Please read more about these services by clicking on the links to the left.