A common thread among all Redpoint consultants is their passion for their craft. As individuals, we believe it is extremely important to continue learning and growing. This exploration allows us to identify, evaluate and use many techniques, tools, frameworks and approaches. As an organization we leverage open source and emerging approaches, but feel strongly about giving back, sharing our unique insights with the community at large.

We generally view software development as a combination of art and science. With our focus on high quality, innovative solutions that provide a compelling user experience, we embrace both the art and science. We are always looking for ways to deepen and expand our knowledge and discover new approaches and techniques. Although some of this is achieved by working directly with our diverse set of clients, working with the community is equally important.

Because it is important to the organization and our people, we freely share our insights in multiple ways:

  • We host and support user groups and meetups that are focused around agile, technology and application development, including ALT.NET, Milwaukee Agile Chicago Flex and AITP Chicago
  • Many of our consultants make contributions to open source projects
  • We provide video blogs in response to questions from the community and our clients' through our Ask Redpoint video series
  • Our consultants blog on topics surrounding agile and technology