Do you have The Red Stuff?

Redpoint Technologies is not your average consulting firm. We like the idea of being at the leading edge and embrace challenges that many other firms would shy away from. If we sound a bit cocky, it is only because we can back it up with success after client success.

How do we do it? By combining a passion for great technology, a strong focus on customer service and the top talent in our industry. Our recruiting process is a bit more involved than what you might find at many firms, but our thoroughness helps us identify those special candidates who are not only highly talented, but who thrive on delivering great software working in collaboration with our clients and similarly-talented consultants.

If you're a top-flight IT professional and would like to work with people who can not only keep up with you, but also make you better - the best and brightest, and thought leaders in your field - consider a career with Redpoint Technologies.