About Redpoint

Since its inception in 1999, Redpoint has grown and matured into one of the Midwest's premier technology and agility coaching and transformation firms. Our philosophy today remains the same as it was when we were just getting started: hire the best and brightest talent available, embrace development practices and technologies that allow them to achieve great things, and maintain a unrelenting focus on generating business value for our customers. Redpoint's service offerings are tailored for organizations looking for a partner that can help build high-performance and business-value oriented teams.

Redpoint, unlike many consulting firms, does not have a business strategy predicated on long-term engagements in which a client, over time, becomes dependent on us. Rather, our business model is to deliver business value quickly, whether through coaching or software development, and at the same time raise the knowledge and capabilities of our clients so they can carry on - more effectively - after we're gone. In fact, this philosophy is where our name comes from.

Redpointing is a climbing term that refers to a lead climber making a clean ascent, without falling or resting on a support rope. Having made this achievement, the lead climber then helps those following so they reach the same peak. Applying this concept to technology, we view our mission as not only taking on and successfully completing complex software development projects, but equally importantly, helping enable our customers so they are ready to assume stewardship of the software - and take on similar future projects on their own.